Disability Action Plan



The Epping Football Club recognizes that it is unlawful to treat a person with a disability less favorably than a person who does not have a disability, in the same or similar circumstances. Such discrimination is covered by the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the Equal Opportunity Act 1995.


Disability covers:                   

·                     Physical                                               ·          Intellectual

·                     Psychiatric                                           ·          Sensory

·                     Neurological or learning difficulties

·                     Presence in the body of organisms causing diseases

·                     Beneficiaries of workers compensation


The Epping Football Club embraces the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 premise that: 

            #          people with disabilities are part of our diverse communities

                        #          people with disabilities, their families and carers have a right to participate as fully as possible in the life of our communities

                        #          people with disabilities are the primary source of information regarding the physical, social and cultural barriers to their participation in their local community.


The Epping Football Club will develop and implement a Disability Action Plan which will focus on those physical, social & cultural barriers which create a handicap for people with disabilities to be able to enjoy football at our Club.


Basic elements of the plan will include:

1.                  Education of Club members

2.                  Education of visitors to the Club

3.                  Identifying specific issues at our Club that can make life unnecessarily difficult or complicated for people with disabilities

4.                  Develop strategies to deal with these issues


Specific elements of the plan will include:

1.                  Clearly defined disabled car parking areas at the football ground

2.                  Disabled toilet facilities

3.                  Access to canteen facilities

4.                  Access to clubrooms

5.                  Access to the football oval

6.                  Exclusive accessible viewing areas


This action plan will be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Football Club to ensure the actions remain appropriate and effective.