Working With Children Check Policy



The Epping Football Club (the club) as implemented this policy to maintain the safety and high standard of care and responsibility to all members of the club and to ensure that all volunteers and members adhere to legislation as set by the Victorian Government.

All members of the Epping Football Club are required to comply with this policy and it should be read in conjunction with other statements and policies made by the club and amended from time to time as required.

Who is affected by the Policy

This policy applies to all members, administrators, officials, coaches, players and visitors of theEpping F.C.  .


This policy is effective from 1 November 2008



The Working With Children (WWC) check is an assessment of a person’s criminal history that focuses upon offences that present a risk to the safety of children. A WWC check will be compulsory for every Epping Football Club member who:

·         Participates in ‘child-related work’ as defined as: paid or unpaid, if the work is in relation to one of the 20 occupation fields listed by Government, if the work involves or is likely to involve regular and direct contact with children where the contact is not directly supervised by another person;

·         Is required under legislation but is not limited to committee members, coaches and their assistants, team managers, runners, trainers and any others as a deemed required at the discretion of the executive committee.

WWC checks expire after five (5) years, or earlier if the Department deems individuals to be unsatisfactory for a WWC check. The cost of the check for paid or unpaid workers is set be the government and the cost for unpaid volunteers is nil and subject to change.

In the circumstance that the club requires a person to commence employment (paid or unpaid) and/or other club related duties prior to the successful WWC check card being issued to the employee by the Department, the individual is required to provide to the Executive Committee of the club, evidence that a WWC check has been applied for prior to commencing their duties.

Once a successful WWC check card has been supplied, employees are required to supply the club with a copy of the card to remain in the club records. Should employees be given an interim negative notice, or a negative notice of a WWC check, the onus is on the employee, based on legal obligation under The Act, to inform the Executive Committee as soon as notified.

It is a legal offence to be employed or employ someone who has a negative notice. Employees who have or who receive a negative notice will be summarily by dismissed. Employees who are issued with an interim negative notice will be dealt with at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Options include requesting that the employee refrain from duties until a final card has been issued or taking up another position which does not involve contact with children.

The validity of all employees’ checks will be confirmed prior to the commenced of the new season. It is the responsibility of all employees to update their WWC check every five (5) years.